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ReflexVibro - Vibration Monitoring software

The program ReflexVibro has been designed for the interpretation of seismic vibration data. The program offers the following possibilities:
  • Easy import of wave and peak data in different formats of up to 8 channels (seg2, csv-DMT, Instantel and Ssyscom).
  • amplitude spectrum, power and octave spectrum
  • filtering (DC-correction, 50 Hz Notchfilter, integration, differentia­tion and band­pass).
  • many different display possibilities (discretely adjustable axis-lengths for time-series and spectra)
  • KB-calculation (arbitrary high pass and high cut).
  • generation of event and FFT reports, including compliance graphs (DIN 4150 and other).
  • printing of reports in different languages
  • generation of synthetic test signals
  • hodogram calculation for an interactive display of the movement direction.
  • generation of a transfer function

Wave and peak data can be displayed and processed in different ways and a standard report can be output for a single datafile or for a set of datafiles within one step.

Hodogram option which allows to display the spatial distribution of the movement in 2 or 3 dimensions.
The linearity and the angle of the main vibration direction are calculated and displayed

The transfer function can be calculated based on the spectra of the ground and structure data. 
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