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We are a small geophyisical company specialized in the development of software algorithms for seismic ( reflection and refraction ) and Ground Penetrating Radar ( GPR ) processing and interpretation for near surface applications.
Besides the software developement our focus also lies on data processing.

With more than 1300 sold licences our software Reflexw is one of the world's most popular geophysical near surface processing and interpretation packages.
It covers the complete range of wave data (seismic, GPR, ultrasound) and the different geometry assemblings (surface reflection and refraction, borehole crosshole and tomography and combination of borehole and surface measurements) and is therefore suitable for
  • GPR processing
  • seismic reflection processing
  • seismic refraction processing
  • seismic tomography 


Besides this complete software package we also offer lowcost and easy to handle software solutions:

Reflex2DQuick: the easy handling of 2D GPR lines or seismic shots

Reflex3DScan: the fast access to a 3D-view of the underground

ReflexVibro: interpretation of vibration data


16.01.2016: The new Reflexw version 8.0 is ready for download. 
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