the different modules for gpr data


The following table summarizes the useful (bold necessary) Reflexw modules for the different GPR datatypes



2D data

3D data



2D data-analysis





3D data-interpret.





modelling (simulation/inversion)







Reflexw is especially designed for the complete processing and interpretation of

2- and 3-dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar ( GPR )-data


The program supports all well known GPR-dataformats. Apart from the standard filter algorithms a wide range of special methods is available. For a detailed look please follow the links within the text.

The 2D-data processing within the 2D data-analysis module includes all necessary filter and edit functions starting from simple bandpassfilters up to complex Finite Difference migration. Also special algorithms for the different GPR-datatypes are included. Processing may be done on single profiles as well as on a set of profiles as a sequence processing.

Many different 2D-data interpretation tools are incorporated. Diffraction hyperbolas may be interpeted as well as single reflectors resulting in a so called layershow.

CMP- or moveout-data are processed within the CMP-analysis menu which allows an interactive determination of the velocity distribution using different methods (e.g. semblance analysis).

3D-data are processed within the 2D data-analysis module and interpreted within the 3D data-interpretation module. A 3D-dataset may be constructed either from parallel equidistant 2D-lines or from freely distributed data using a spatial interpolation scheme. The 3D-data may be interpreted within the scroll, windows or 3D-cube mode. A 3-dimensional picking is included.

Borehole data are processed within the 2D data-analysis module and interpreted within the tomography / forward modelling module which includes a tomographic inversion of transmission traveltime data.

In addition a simulation based on Finite Differences is included within the tomography / forward modelling module which allows to generate synthetic radargrams for complex models and different geometries  enabling you for example to optimize your survey design in front of a measurement.

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