the different modules for borehole data



Reflexw is designed for the display and process of

GPR- or seismic borehole transmission and reflection data


The figure shows an example of a borehole GPR-reflection measurement (data from Kali+Salz, Kassel, Germany).There are many different kinds of displaying the equidistant or non equidistant profiles in the point and wiggle mode with zoom- and moving possibilities, manual and automatic scaling. All the features available in the module  2D data-analysis may be used for the processing and the interpretation of the borehole data. Distinct elements may be picked, processed and compared to other borehole data. It is possible to extract all available signal informations like traveltime, amplitude, energy or nominal frequency.







A 2-dimensional tomographic approach based on SIRT (simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique) may be used for the inversion of the transmission traveltime data (see also modelling (tomographic inversion)).

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