Reflexw: Data-View



free data viewer for GPR-, reflection and refraction seismic data

for Win9?/2000/NT/XP



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REFLEXW DataView is a free Win9?/2000/NT/XP 32 bit program for displaying georadar or seismic data. The data must exist in the REFLEX-format. .


The possibilities of REFLEXW DataView for Win9?/2000/NT/XP:

  • display of the data either in wiggle or filled area point mode
  • the user may switch between two different scale modes:
    • the data are completely plotted into the actual window with subsequent free zooming and moving possibilities
    • trace based scale: the user chooses the pixel size for each trace. If the line is not completely plotted into the window moving possibilities are available.
  • zoom- and autoscroll possibilities
  • many different plot options:
    • rotated display
    • combination of wiggle and point mode
    • free choosable axis
    • and much more
  • interactive color amplitude assignment for point mode
  • interactive magnifying glass option (see figure above) with choosable zoom factor - a freely choosable data part is continuously magnified when moving the mouse
  • easy transfer of the data to the clipboard
  • printing out the data with freely choosable scale; support of banner output (continuous printing on printers which support banner output, e.g. HP Deskjet 1120 C).
  • comprehensive context sensitive online help


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